Friday, July 29, 2011

early mornings.....

if you have not noticed i usually do most of my writing in the dark of  the night. when I'm under cover. when, when..... i get the computer to myself. but now the computer was not being used.  i really don't go out to do my ninja stuff until its dark.  you know, so no one will see me.  well I've been thinking my name is the book ninja, so i should be talking about books.  i have started reading the book the hundred dresses. its about a shy, poor girl, who always wears the same blue dress to school but she claims to have a hundred  dresses at home lined up in her closet. its a good book so far...CHECK IT OUT or i will karate chop you!! just kidding. well i think its time to

                                  BOOK NINJA AWAY!!!!!!

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