Wednesday, June 15, 2011

stuff that bugs me.....

have you ever been really bugged by something, anything at all? well I have. even though I am a ninja
i still have things that bug me. sad right? some of the things that bug me are...      #1: TV commercials.
I hate when you are watching family feud or something and then they say" and the winner is.... coming up after this commercial." "lalala go to sun splash its a blast" i don't care for those.     #2: snoring. i hate when you are tired from a hard day of work and then you don't get any sleep because someone i am not going to say names cough cough dad cough cough but don't you just hate that?   #3: mom yelling at me speaking of which.  mom:  I TOLD YOU COME PICK UP YOUR ROOM! me: FINE MOM!  LET ME FINISH THIS UP !!!!geez i mean i am a ninja, i should not have to deal with this stuff. well i have to go clean up my room.  well this is me signing off.....          

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