Saturday, June 25, 2011

san diego to see my ninja aunt....

hey guys yes it is me your loving neighborhood ninja.  well you know how in one of my first blogs, i wrote about my ninja aunt Heather.  well today I'm going to be talking about my other ninja aunt..... AUNT KRISTY!!!!! the totally radical, awesome, good drawer, and the awesome lady of awesomeness. wait is that a word?? let my check the NINJA DICTIONARY OF NINJA STUFF.  aha here it is.  i don't know why it would be in here.  it is a word? well, back to the subject. i am driving up to see her.
oh yea oh yea!!!  anyway, i am going to go see my other aunt....AUNT CARRIE!!!! yea  sometimes i get them mixed up  too.  Aunt Carrie aunt Kristi, almost the same thing.... anyways aunt Carrie is getting married!!! i cant wait! that is the good news.  the bad news is..... I WONT BE ABLE TO WRITE TO YOU GUYS!!!!   WAAAAAAAAAA :( well at least i will See my cousins.
well got to run......

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