Friday, March 18, 2011

spring break

this week I had spring break. You know no school?  yes like I said for the b-days...NINJAS HAVE THEM TOO! on Wednesday i went on a hike with one of my ninja friends.  Grace the ninja. HIYA.  on Thursday i went to Polar Ice with another ninja friend. Piper the other ninja.  Double HIYA.  then  i saw Gulliver's travels. I went with my whole entire ninja family.  SUPER HIYA. Enough about my spring break... what was your spring break like?

like i always say...


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  1. Ah, man! We don't get spring break anymore! Enjoy it while it last, ninja girl. :D But last weekend Savin and Preston and I went to Sea World! She liked the stingrays the most, I think. Then again, she's a baby. I'm sure she likes anything that moves. Or feeds her. Preferably both.

    Love ya, kiddo!