Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've been here - you just couldn't see me - I'm a ninja remember?

ok - so its been a little while since I posted. here is the news:

Reading the 39 CLUES by Gordon Korman. Its about 2 kids who are involved with this big race that gives them powers if they win to.....RULE THE WORLD!!! But first, they have to find the 39 clues.

so far a good book. check it out if you DARE!  oh, and for you people that don't read. here's a link to the trailer for the movie....I should be reading...after you watch this - go pick up a book!

what did YOU read over Christmas break? I didn't really read anything except "The Night Before Christmas" and a bunch of other good Christmas books - one called "Holly Claus" - it reminds me of fairy tales.

Off to do ninja stuff...don't even try to follow me.  wait!  yes, follow my blog!  just not me....awkward.



  1. Book ninja, you RULE!! Can't wait to read more from you. Right now I'm reading Across the Universe by Beth Revis. It's sci-fi, but has romance and drama and humor and mystery and kissing (at least the cover promises me.) All the best, right? Love you, BN!

  2. Hi Book Ninja, I am reading any book. James :)